Saturday, 9 June 2012

tree women & other wonders

'October', 2010 (part.)
I'm gonna take you to a walk in the woods through
the fine ceramic sculptures by American visual artist
Kathy Ruttenberg and her unique sylvan creatures.
Basically a painter who switched to ceramic, Kathy
was born in Chicago, studied visual arts in NYC and
around the world (in Venice and Tangier) before
coming back home with a load of inspiration and
bright alien colors in her eyes. 

'I Will Be Naked in the Fall', 2010
left: 'The Source'  right: 'Lemur Lady', 2011
Kathy's artworks stand like symbols of a metaphoric
language exploring the deeper meanings in our lives
as well as the disreputable behavior toward 
our living mates, plants and animals.
Obviously she's deeply concerned about species
seriously at risk being moreover an 
animal rights advocate.

'No Stone Unturned', 2011
'Role Reversal', 2010
Her artworks usually depict women, whimsical small
ceramic figures (about 25 inches high) with a sort of
fairy tale character, finely crafted and painted with
watercolors in order to evoke their dreamy facet that
at a closer look reveal a dark yet a bit ominous facet
but with poetical, witty titles I'm totally mad about.
Hope they'll make your weekend. Cheers!

'Tree Hugger', 2010 (part.)
'Who Decides', 2010
> all artworks and images © by Kathy Ruttenberg <

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