Monday, 4 June 2012

the queen of bric-a-brac

Let me join in the celebratory activities marking throughout
the UK the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with the outstanding
portraits by British artist Jane Perkins, a former nurse and
full-time mother who decided to develop her creative potential
earning a degree in textiles from Somerset College of Arts
and starting to work with recycled materials 
in her own ”avant-garbage” way.

Jane, from Kenton, Devon, wrote her degree thesis on
'Art and Design from Recycled Materials' and while
researching for it she came across religious festival
headdresses from Ecuador bizarrely made of found
objects that came to provide her the inspiration to
create outstanding portraits by carefully gluing together
collected discarded goods and bits of everyday rubbish.

”I am a 're-maker', taking inspiration from found objects 
 and working them into something new...”  she wrote 
in her website's artistic statement ”...although my
background is in textiles, I now work predominantly
with plastic”. Each single artwork of hers is made
of hundreds of buttons, beads, screws, broken
jewelry, shells, curtain hooks and tiny plastic toys
and amazingly no color is added, actually the 
real objects (skillfully used in the right size, 
hue and shape) color the work.

She came to depict Her Majesty in three different
stages of life yet her pointillistic works include portraits
of timeless icons such as Nelson Mandela, Barack
Obama and Marilyn Monroe as well as reinterpretations
of works by old masters like the iconic Da Vinci's
Mona Lisa and Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring.
Jane's proudly represented by Will's Art Warehouse
in Putney and some of her  works are currently on
display at JL Galleries in Stratford, close to the
London Olympics site fully showing how 
art can be made of everything.

> all artworks and images © by Jane Perkins/Devon Open Studios <

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