Thursday, 21 June 2012

out of this world

Hi everybody, I'm finally back: it's been ages since
my last post, actually I've been neglecting 
my blog for twelve long days!
Too many maybe yet I have to admit I was truly in
need of a serious break from everyday life so I left
home at the break of dawn to wander 
around the Apuan Alps' trails.

I felt the urge to put down everything I was doing,
stuffed my backpack with camping equipment and
started walking up the hills through hidden 
hollows  and silent woods in perfect aloneness.
Sheer bliss! I deliberately left home my electronic
appliances getting rid of them for a week at least
in order to be really out of the world (my digital
camera made no exception despite the beautiful
scenery I was about to come face to face with)

feeling already burdened with a tent, foodstuffs,
nested pots and pans, a foldable stove with gas
bottles, recycled wooden cutlery made in Germany,
my best sleeping bag, raincover, water purifier,
lighters and matches, tea and coffee by the dozen
and the only 'technological' tools allowed, 
a nifty compass and a hands-free solar 
chargeable lamp with a bunch of books.

That's why I have to resort to the stunning images
taken by Claudio Calvani, an experienced and
multi-awarded naturalist photographer living
nearby, to let you grasp the unique beauty
of the small mountain range in northern Tuscany
renowned for its celebrated marbles with nine
peaks almost reaching to 2,000 m. in height.

Calvani was the first Italian photographer to win
the Nikon Photo Contest International, the worldwide
competition held in Japan by Nikon Corp. since
1969 winning hands down the Biennial Nature
World Cup three times! He came to publish
several books such as ”L'Orecchiella, Parco
Naturale in Terra di Toscana” where do 
the pictures come from.

I feel fully recharged now in spite of the hot and
humid climate I found back in town, nevertheless
I'm eager to be back posting, stay tuned.

all images © by Claudio Calvani from the book
”L'Orecchiella, Parco Naturale in Terra di Toscana”,
Pezzini Editore

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