Saturday, 30 June 2012

nature-centric talent

'Les' is the Russian word for forest chosen by the
emergent Moscow-based designer Lesia Paramonova
to label her debut spring/summer collection that
smartly explores the human interaction with nature.

The gifted newcomer, an illustrator and designer who's
carefully building her own brand, showed extremely
feminine organic outfits with a profusion of floral prints,
pale and dainty in rose pink and powder blue, layered
with diaphanous materials such as transparent tulle
subtly evoking the early morning haze still 
trapped between the trees.

Butterflies and tropical birds are joined with detailed
botanical drawings that appear to come out of old
specimen catalogues in a whimsical yet sophisticated
look that came to make waves back in March at the
Cycles & Seasons Festival by MasterCard, the
pared-down event held between Russia's Mercedes-Benz
and Volvo fashion weeks to enhance the reputation 
of local young designers, photographers, 
artists and musicians.

'Les' collection is light and delicate as a butterfly wing,
and special as an indoor grown flower, we'll certainly
hear from this talent soon!

> all images compiled from the designer's Facebook™ and tumblr™ <

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