Saturday, 23 June 2012

Lisa's fractal iteration

Lisa Shahno is a Moscow-based gifted designer who
started translating geometry into fashion ever since she
was studying art at Mossovet polytechnic college.
”I often used to imagine three-dimensional objects which
I needed to portray on two-dimensional surfaces as
polyhedrons composed of polygons. It really helped
me to understand and feel the beauty of the shapes still.
I want to share this experience through my work” 
she proudly declares.

Lisa made a name for herself with her debut collection
aptly called ”Squaring the squares”, that came to win
the 2009 Kremlin Stars award as well the Best
Avant-Garde award in the CREATEUROPE design
contest in Berlin where she spent a year working
for AVR, the label founded by Andrea van Reimersdahl,
a designer known for working with textiles as a medium
between two and three-dimensionality.

”The Iteration” is the young designer's second collection,
strongly inspired by the fractal cosmology theory
and its hierarchical nesting of matter, from the most
elementary particles to the clusters of galaxies.
The collection shows structural, hi-tech wearable
pieces: basic geometric shapes conceived by dividing
simple grids made of squares by the diagonals.
Lisa skillfully emulates the overall structure of
the universe through her origami-like 
elegant molding.

gray background photos © by Valeria Mitelman
white background photos © by Anastasia Markelova

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