Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Thai revelation

I was thrilled to stumble upon the work of a real talent
who was formerly known as Titipon Chitsantisook
(a notable Hyères contestant and proud winner of Tokyo's 
Onward New Designer Fashion Grand Prix in 2008) 
before switching to Wisharawish Akarasantisook
(his uroboros trademark probably suggesting the
 integration and assimilation of the opposite).

Born in Thailand, Titipon moved to Paris studying at
the Marangoni Institute and at IFM, the Institut
Français de la Mode, soon developing a distinctive
fresh approach to urban fashion through black
silhouettes enriched by complex pleats and trims.
He is among the finalists of the 4th edition of El Botón,
the Mango Fashion Awards event whose provocative
call to arms in shaping the future of fashion this time
smartly reads ”create your own revolution”.

Wisharawish's authoritative knowledge in fashion
contests lately made him marshal Bangkok's Contemporary
Fashion Contest, a project organized by the local Office 
of Contemporary Art and Culture showing interesting 
young talents combining traditional Thai materials 
such as silk with the newest clothing styles.

The experienced Thai designer is also enthusiastically active 
on Webstagram, the Instagram Web Viewer through which
he shares inspirational and daily life pics as well as
sneak-peeks of his gripping works.

> all images © Wisharawish Akarasantisook, 2012 <

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