Saturday, 19 May 2012

a sunshine state of mind

As you may remember, Monki is the outstanding chain store
and clothing brand founded by a bunch of dream-weavers
from Stockholm, Sweden, that came to develop a surreal
world of its own, establishing ”both a way of doing life and
doing fashion” through a singular brand image, 
sustainable practices and co-operation with others.

”As part of the textile and fashion industry...” the company's
social responsibility statement reads ”...we strive for a broad
environmental and ethical approach to business (...) our
requirements regarding the use of chemicals go further than
statutory codes and gradually we're introducing materials
and processes that are more environmentally friendly”.

Monki's stores are scattered throughout the Scandinavian
peninsula as well as in UK, Germany, Hong Kong and The
Netherlands and they can be described as storytelling
'walk-in closets', each one of them being actually a highly
detailed conceptual world with peculiar interiors and
accessories, made to surprise and amuse, part of a
gripping retail vision that lately has been bought 
by fellow Swedish fashion giant H&M.

Monki's stores otherworldly design is a hodgepodge of
shapes, textures and colors created by visionary studio
'Electric Dreams' while the brand's lookbooks are
usually curated by gifted teams of visual artists such as
the latest one called Colour, a sunshine state of mind”
showing easy urban outfits in solid colors under a direct,
intense light that emphasizes the brand's signature
free spirited looks for fashion-conscious young women
through the images taken by Nielsen Omvik
styled by Oscar Lange for Link Details.
”In the Monki World, everything is possible”,
colorful and pretty well-done.

all images © by Nielsen Omvik/Skarp, style by Oscar Lange/Link Details

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