Tuesday, 15 May 2012

ropemasks & face pots

Time has come to drop the mask of wretchedness
that came to bedevil my last couple of months through
the cheerful, stunning masks made of stitched ropes
by Bertjan Pot, the gifted Dutch product designer who's
known for his deep affection toward textile materials.

A graduate from Eindhoven's Design Academy in 1998,
Pot is internationally recognized for his 'Random' and
'Carbon' furniture series that are prominently featured
in top museums' collections as well as for his 
experimental projects.

”I design products. Often they are interior
products. The way interior products relate to their
users appeals to me. Interior products are not distant
and hardcore industrial like power tools, cars and
buildings, but also not as personal and hip as fashion.
Furniture and lighting design really fits the method
I work with. Working on my designs I start small, playing 
with and focusing on a material or a technique...”
he wrote introducing himself on his website.

Constantly experimenting and playing as he aptly
pointed out, Bertjan planned to make a flat carpet by
stitching a rope together and when the prototype got
curvy he suddenly came across a cogent fascination
with masks and started creating a seemingly endless
parade of facepots and characters or ”textile tricks &
flicks” as he calls them, in a sort of guerrilla knitting
project that's still under way.

”My technical interest and creative fantasies are a way 
to push the boundaries of industrial production...” 
Pot declares about his unique approach to design 
which is more right-brained than technical.
He certainly knows the ropes of mask making.

> all images © by Studio Bertjan Pot <

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