Sunday, 27 May 2012

painting with fire

photo © by EPA
Let's start the week after Whitsunday playing with
fire with some inspirational shots from the Ukraine's
capital city of Kiev where the 6th Kiev Fire Fest  
(KFF for fire people) came to an end today.

photo © Afp

photo © by EPA
The four-day event came to gather a huge crew of
swashbuckling fire dancers, jugglers, theatrical and
circus performers together with fire artists and
fireworks experts from Ukraine and several other
countries including Ireland, Bulgaria, Germany,
Belarus, France and Lithuania in a stunning
exchange between East and West Europe.

photo © by EPA
photo © by Gleb Garanich/Reuters
Performers had once again the chance to show
themselves in solo stagings as well as to learn from
the best artists in the genre taking part in residential
workshops fully engrossed in the event's unique vibe.
KFF's popularity is constantly growing providing
once-a-year gripping images of burning poetry in
motion in which performers paint literally like blazes
with fire in the forest on the outskirts of Kiev
setting the world on fire.

upper: photo © by EPA  lower: photo © by Gleb Garanich/Reuters

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