Saturday, 5 May 2012

MIA's timeless lure

William Klein 'Dorothy + Hotel du Sud', Paris 1963
© William Klein/Howard Greenberg gallery
MIA is the acronym for Milan Image Art fair which
strange to say, is the very first art fair housed in Italy
devoted exclusively to photography and video art
whose second edition opened two days ago at the
'Superstudio Più' exhibition space in Milano.

Pasquale De Antonis 'Ivy Nicholson in Fabiani', 1955
© Riccardo De Antonis/Admira gallery
Ugo Mulas 'advertising shot for Taroni fabrics, 1970
© eredi Ugo Mulas/Admira gallery

”Given public awareness of the increasingly decisive
and transversal role that photography has come to
assume among modern art forms...” the innovative
event was conceveid by art collector and curator
Fabio Castelli in a unique way presenting one single
artist per booth in order to let have visitors a wide
understanding of the artist's project so this year's
exhibition puts on display 180 one-man shows!

Uli Weber 'Samantha Morton', 2002
© Uli Weber/American Vogue
Albert Watson 'Kate Moss in torn veil', Marrakech 1993
© Albert Watson
The exhibition's catalog can be composed by the
visitors collecting several brochures, one from each
booth they visit, to make their own copy.
MIA showcases the works of renowned international
photographers and galleries while promoting a
well-informed art collecting but I obviously focused
my attention only on fashion and glamour shots
with their masters, icons and charms.
Enjoy the pick and choose!

Herb Ritts 'Naomi Campbell - Versace 3, El Mirage 1990
© Herb Ritts/Edwynn Houk gallery

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  1. Dearest Elisabetta,
    Great photos and I love the playfulness of the last one. Such great silhouette and what a great idea to photograph that way.
    Hope you are coping with the loss of your beloved mother and may you find solace in the many great memories!
    Love to you,