Wednesday, 16 May 2012

fly me to the moon

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars...

Bart Howard, ”In Other Words”, 1954

”My design is for a harmonious world full of pure
delight, dream and romance and for people who
are attractive and warm-hearted” declares young
Chinese fashion designer Fangwen Xu introducing
her graduate collection called ”Fly me to the moon”.

With a Fashion BA (Hons) degree in fashion design
technology from London's College of Fashion, Fangwen
explored shapes and details in contrasting materials
through delicate sci-fi inspired, ethereal looks.
”Considering my design, I would not use fashion,
elegance, minimalism or other specific words to
describe my style. I have used my pure imagination

to present an art and a state of being”.  

”It presents the vulnerability, silence and wonder of
life, a human form that leaves the restriction of reality
away to reach an unlimited space. It seems everyone
has in his/her mind a subtle piece of garment indicating
the secret dwelling of his/her soul...”
the young designer
wrote, ”the garment seems to reveal life experience and
secret. It uncovers an infinite and extraordinary vision
epically out of the restrained physical form.”

> image via Elle China <
 I adore the way she folds the fabrics (they're neither
a classical plissé nor an origami), the juxtaposing of
matte and translucent materials but mostly the 
contrast between globe-shaped and tight forms.
Her silhouettes show signs of an organic essence that 
uniquely evokes a butterfly taking flight the moment
it comes out of the chrysalis giving prominence to the
young talent's idealized view of womenswear.

> all images © by Boz W (I'M studio, London) <

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