Wednesday, 25 April 2012

wrapped in web

You probably know I much I adore the way new talented
designers-to-be experiment unusual methods, tools and
techniques in order to create surprising conceptual apparel
beyond the conventional limitations of fabric, needle and
thread and that's why I have a liking for 'Nuue', 
Jungeun Lee's 2011 graduate collection.

The word Nuue, originally from Korea, stands for cocoon
and was aptly chosen by the gifted mixed media textiles
graduate from London's Royal College of Art to tag her
innovative sculptural garment-like creations made by
spinning synthetic fibres around a desired shape such
as a wooden mannequin that later on, through heating
and pressure, become riveting latticework garments
and even shoes without a single stitch in them.

Sort of wearable sculptures made through a technique
(even though her materials are petroleum-based) similar
to the liquid-molding one developed by Samantha Clare
Murray whose work I recently featured that fully display
the potential of new techniques strongly reducing 
both wastage and leftover of fabrics while pushing 
the boundaries of dressmaking.

Jungeun Lee teamed up with fellow RCA's alumna,
product designer Shota Aoyagi in establishing Studio Koya,
the avant-garde studio devising zero-waste projects in
fashion and industrial design through eye-catching prototypal
gears that will play a pivotal role in shaping the future.

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