Thursday, 12 April 2012

summer solid juice

”Any shape with the right surface can become a wearable 
 object” is the motto adopted by young gifted graduate
designer Samantha Clare Murray who came to 
develop through countless tryouts her own tricky
technique to mold garments by binding 
fibers to a liquid base.

Samantha recently graduated in fashion from Massey
University in Wellington, ”the engine of new New Zealand”
as the campus website reads, with a five-piece collection
called ”Sweet Suspension” in which she amazingly 
turned fruit-scented liquids into gripping couture 
shapes for a ”full sensory experience”.
Each single shape is hand carved, vacuum formed 
and poured using her own zero-waste method, 
aptly called 'Fiberform'.

Samantha's graduate capsule summer range aims to
explore the potential of clothing construction and
manipulation through vivid 3-D wearable forms, half
the way between a classical statue and a candy
lollipop, pushing the boundaries of textile 
innovation and garment manufacturing.
I strongly hope her application for London's Central
Saint Martins' postgraduate Textile Futures course
will soon be accepted to boost her smart ideas.

> all images from the Down Under talent's website <

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