Monday, 9 April 2012

shadow play

Rashad Alakbarov has a genius for 'shadow art' using
everyday or found objects to reflect their shadows creating
as if by magic convincing cityscapes as well unique portraits.
Rashad's able enough to generate a painting illuminating
translucent colored airplanes suspended from the 
ceiling or a credibile portrait hanging empty bottles 
of water at different heights and angles.

The Azerbaijan artist who graduated in decorative arts
from Baku's national state Academy of Fine Arts in 2001
actually dabbled in art as a young dude and came to
make a name for himself with his shadow installations
playing with clever lighting and perspective craftiness
but he's basically a painter and a sculptor with 
experience in theatre decoration and video making.

His works have been recently displayed in ”Fly to Baku”
group show at Phillips de Pury Gallery in London, the
exhibition curated by Hervé Mikaeloff featuring 21
contemporary artists from Azerbaijan that gave
detailed rundown on the country's vibrant art scene 
while proving that the Western mainstream audience 
is finally ready to recognize the full worth of 
contemporary art from faraway countries and 
the often neglected achievements of visual and 
conceptual artists from the broader Middle East region.

There' something magic in Rashad's simple yet
inventive take on shadow play.

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  1. Geniale! Ben pensato!
    Cara Elisabetta, ti auguro felicità e amore. Lasciate che queste sensazioni saranno ospitati in te come la primavera.