Tuesday, 24 April 2012

ode to super mothers

”...Mom played the roles of wife, mother, daughter, 
income-earner, independent-thinker, hostess, dinner-maker, 
family accountant, homework tutor and household organizer 
without a bat of her mascara'd eyelashes. 
Preoccupied with growing up, I was oblivious to this 
amazing juggling act but from my adult woman perspective, 
it seems a heroic and near-impossible feat, not to mention a 
struggle. And, yet, mom did it in style...” wrote
fashion photographer Heidi Lender introducing her 
waggish ode to mothers, or better, to super mothers.

Covering the fashion bash for national magazines, writing
reports about lifestyle, food and travel as well as styling
photo shoots around the world, Heidi started her soulful
quest embracing yoga in India and opening later on her
own studio in San Francisco but eventually came to 
find herself behind the lens of a camera creating 
gripping storytelling images.

Her 15-image series called ”She can leap tall buildings”
making reference to the limitless fortitude of her and all
the mothers of the world whose multidisciplinary skills
are tasked since the beginning of time, plays with the
traditional household chores that almost every woman
takes on every single day through a faceless character
wearing a Winehouse-inspired beehive wig as black
as a raven upon hand-drawn props.

”I humbly nod to all the superwomen of the world,  
especially my mother, who amazingly do it all” she
says about her witty tribute to mothers and I nod in
agreement recalling my dear mother's zest for life.

> all images © by Heidi Lender, 2011 via Jennifer Schwartz gallery <


  1. Dearest Elisabetta,
    Heide summed it up perfectly well and her images are super.
    Have a great mid-week.

  2. Strasznie mnie zauroczyła ta sesja :)Bezgraniczna wyobraźnia!Zazdroszczę szalenie :)