Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Natalia's hybrid nature

Last week I sang the praises of the brightest talents
of future Australian fashion that L'Oreal Melbourne
Fashion Festival intelligently promotes through its
'National Graduate Showcase' event supported by
Sportsgirl yet among the bunch of incredibly talented
graduates a good many deserve to be recognized.

It's small wonder how the flamboyant and exuberant
wildlife of the Australian continent, as lush as a living
art treasure, could inspire several budding 
designers like Natalia Grzybowski.
Graduated from UTS, the University of Technology
in Sydney, Natalia not long ago was awarded the
'Australians in New York Fashion Foundation'
internship grant to help her pursue her career
as a fashion designer on a worldwide scale.

Natalia's spring/summer 2012 ”Hybrid” as she
points out is ”...a conceptual collection that
combines elements of nature and technology
in order to redefine our current visual 

interpretation of the female cyber-organism.”
I simply adore its dualistic facet: she designed
tight minimal silhouettes that look structured yet
soft in a white-toned palette used as a blank
canvas to create stunning floral prints made
with botanical re-designed and digitally
enhanced motifs.

These are indeed the days of digital prints yet
Natalia added her personal, unique touch mixing
and combining opposite elements such as natural
and synthetic textiles, sheer silks and structured
neoprene in amazing form-fitting, 
body-engineered sort of outfits.

I'm amazed that Natalia is also the skilled photographer
who captured the beauty of her own garments worn
by model Pip Letts with a landscaped garden in the
background that emphasizes the botanical 
mimicking of her stimulating collection.
I guess I'll keep perusing the pick of the bunch of 
gifted young designers who prove Down Under 
fashion to be alive and kicking!

> all textile designs, garments and images © by Natalia Grzybowski <

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