Monday, 2 April 2012

naïve femininity in bloom

Exploring the world around her with homegrown
short supplied finest fabrics and a keen eye on
contemporary society emphasizing localness
in the era of globalization, young Ukrainian
designer Yasya Khomenko creates simple
yet gorgeously printed garments.

Yasya is the founder and owner of 'RCR Khomenko'
womenswear label who came to show her latest
AW 12-13 collection at Kiev fashion days yet
I want to keep an eye out for her previous
spring/summer collection through which she
skillfully played with lengths, colors and patterns
creating awesome detailed pieces with a strong
Slavic aesthetic and acute Pre-Raphaelite hints.

When it comes to take inspiration from folklore
it's too easy to make a costume but Yasya succeeded
in decoding her own background through cutting-edge,
wearable outfits with gripping floral prints delicate
yet punchy in which pastel tones match with bold
shades and are harmoniously paired with neutrals.

The collection's winsomeness is well rendered by
the images taken by Yasya's close friend, the
Copenhagen-based fashion and beauty photographer
Polina Vinogradova (aka Miss Popo) originally from
St. Petersburg, Russia, who made waves with her
powerful shots that are always able to describe
the feminine pursuit of a distinct identity 
through shapes and colors.

”Miss Popo does photo” as she wittily named her
website, works for/with several emerging designers
as well for fashion and make-up magazines and
enthusiastically voices her opinion on Yasya's work:
”All her fashion projects can be connected into one
long-termed investigation: every time she discovers
something new, new opportunities, new combinations
and new meanings...” she declares on Behance.

> all images © by Polina Vinogradova/MISS POPO 2012 <

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