Friday, 6 April 2012

jewelry joinery

Epitomizing the black & white symbol of Yin and Yang
in which contrasting male and female principles could
only co-exist in reciprocal balance, Chinese jewelry
designer Octavia Xiaozi Yang created for her MA
collection in fashion artefact at London College
of Fashion stunning joined ornaments.

Octavia is the gifted designer who moved to London
where she recently graduated after completing a BA
design course in Shanghai whose collection named
”Joinery in Jewels” looks like a skilled game of joinery
made by combining modern craftsmanship with
antiquarian silversmith, forging and soldering
techniques as well 3-D printing and laser cutting.

Carefully constructed jewels made with contrasting
materials (sheet, wood, metal and plastic) inspired
by traditional Asian timber joinery which over 7,000
years of history produced works of outstanding artistry
in architecture and furniture without needing pins,
nails or glue. That's why each single piece in the
collection thanks to its basic structure and removable
components can be amazingly customized to extend
its service life in accord with trends, moods and looks.
How startling Octavia's joinery for jewelry is!

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