Friday, 13 April 2012

for love & lemons

FL&L's collection opening portrait © by John Chan
The eclectic sense of style of legendary Mexican
painter Frida Kahlo with her unique mixing of apparently
clashing patterns and textures in bold colors and her
love for accessories such as ornate jewelry and brightly
colored flowered headpieces lingers on inspiring 
the world of fashion from decades.

Frida's attire lately came to inspire ”Viva la Vida”, the
spring collection of  ”For Love & Lemons”, the southern
California womenswear brand specialized in blended
fabrics known for its free-spirited, casual take on fashion.
Like Frida did, the FL&L girl has a passion for life and
freedom, she's a rebel with a cause who stands out on
her own ”...she's the new tomboy, she knows 
what she wants and exactly how to get it” 
the designer duo wrote.

The name of the downtown L.A. based lifestyle brand
founded by Wyoming-born lifelong friends Gillian Mahin
and Laura Hall dates back to the lemonade stall they
developed together in their salad days that briskly
became the talk of the town (Jackson Hole, WY) with
their energized attitude and obviously the unique style
of lemonade.  ”But it was less about the lemons,
and more about the love.”

”For Love & Lemons” shows once more its breezy
style through an eye-catching lookbook by photographer
Zoey Grossman featuring IMG model Valeria Efanova
in the colorful settings of an old villa with styling 
by Ashley Glorioso and some graphic overlays 
by Gillian Mahin that powerfully evokes 
Frida's timeless elegance.

”They thought I was a surrealist, but I wasn't.
I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.”

Frida Khalo

> all lookbook images © by Zoey Grossman, styling by Ashley Glorioso <

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