Sunday, 1 April 2012

any fool's MAD

Let's celebrate the fun of All Fool's Day with the belly
laughs provided by MAD ever since 60 years: the
well-known American satire magazine makes available
today a brand new iPad app with interactive features
and exclusive content. The app is downloadable through
the App Store and the date of release is not purely
coincidental being the first of April the birthday of
MAD's ubiquitous freaky cover boy Alfred E. Neuman
(by chance on April Fool's Day 1976 Steve Wozniak
and Steve Jobs hand-built the Apple I effectively
creating Apple Computer Inc. in Cupertino, CA)

so let's honor ”the day upon which we are reminded
of what we are on the other three hundred 

and sixty-four” as Mark Twain sagaciously wrote.

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