Friday, 9 March 2012

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The last day of Paris fashion week were brightened by the
fascinating collection presented by Lie Sang Bong, one of 
the most renowned Korean designers who caught the eyes of
fashionistas ever since his first collection, ”The Reincarnation”
at Seoul fashion week nearly twenty years ago.
Lie debuted in Paris in 2002 where his RTW 
womenswear label is based ever since.

Hailed as the ”Korean McQueen” for his theatrical mastery,
the exquisite use of pleating and voluminous and geometric
shapes, Lie sees fashion as an art form yet he believes it
should not be focused on artistry to the point of becoming
unfit to be worn. His dramatic and poetic designs uniquely
blend European taste with the proverbial Oriental sensibility.

The eclectic fall/winter 2012-13 collection shows organic
shapes and lines creating structured yet soft silhouettes in
a gripping mix of sheer and thick fabrics and details.
A collection, the gifted designer acknowledged, about time
travel and a moody kind of darkness, inspired by traditional
Korean 'dol dam', stone walls erected by stacking stones of
different sizes and shapes serving as village 
guardians or boundary walls.

Lie left no stone unturned: he worked with tulle, fur, 
leather and feathers having the nerve of juxtaposing all 
of them in turn to make unique, riveting outfits looking 
pushy and a bit zen at the same time using round leather 
pebble patterns as huge polka dots in an architectural cluster 
of sophisticated textures, lines and shapes heightened
by the models' face make up made of carefully painted
brown blots to accentuate the collection's earthy aesthetic.

” A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it gains a certain 
polish” as Oliver Herford wittily wrote.

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