Wednesday, 28 March 2012

thinking outside the box

Fashion talents from Down Under are on the rise and their
design creativity quite in full force: a couple of weeks ago
12 hand-picked final year design students came to show
their own creations at L'Oreal Melbourne fashion festival
(LMFF) in the 'Graduate Showcase' event and I was 
truly amazed by the work of Anna Langdon.

Anna is undoubtedly a talent to watch thanks to her joyful,
unconventional approach to patternmaking and design,
a frame of mind she learned at the renowned 
Fashion Studio at Sydney Institute of Technology.
”My college encourages us to think outside the box of
current trends and available materials in order to mantain
raw originality...” she declared admitting that she likes
” have fun with what I design so others will 
enjoy it too...” and she's absolutely right.

Anna Langdon's AW 2012-13 graduate collection called
”Kitschfolk und Kindheit” is maybe a bit too bright to look
like a fall-winter collection yet it's a bold and exuberant
blend of Tyrolese motifs combined with Australian
fauna-inspired prints with really interesting shapes,
quirky knitted pieces, gripping patchworks and 
a mesmerizing black worsted woolly evening 
gown with a copper filigree inspired by ancient 
Arabic ornamental art.

The collection's innovative style is altogether rendered by
the dazzling images taken by Brisbane-raised photographer
Thom Kerr with Chris Leger as stylist that fully describe 
Anna's aesthetic she summarizes as ”experimental and 
unusual, glamorous and gaudy, tripped out but well cut, 
I aim to challenge the accepted parameters of 
fashionable-beauty through my work.” 
I swear we'll hear from her soon!

> all images © by Thom Kerr, style by Chris Leger <

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