Sunday, 4 March 2012

that's flat!

When the going gets tough, you know, the tough get going,
that's why Tokyo-born Comme des Garçons founder 
eminent designer Rei Kawakubo chose Paris fashion week
to put on view her deliberately provocative AW 2012-13
two-dimensional collection which is impossible to ignore.

Kawakubo manifested an anti-fashion attitude through
her signature essential, austere style made of inventive,
often deconstructed garments in stark color palettes
ever since her career's inception in 1970s.

Media shy and strong-willed in her stinging satire on
contemporary fashion industry and the 3-D galore
running through its veins, the master designer presented
stiff minimalist shapes as flat as a pancake that seem
to come out of Abbott's 'Flatland' pages in dazzling
color shades such as vibrant primaries and pastels.

Once again CdG's 'go-your-way-and-I'll-go-mine' stance
poignantly makes us think about fashion and its whereabouts
through her extreme cutout designs with oversized cape coats,
cartoonish cropped jackets and paper doll dresses intentionally
enhanced by clichéd patterns like kitschy florals,
 leopard print, giant polka dots and even sequins.

Comme des Garçons' offbeat style won't never fall flat, 
Rei Kawakubo won't go with the flow and that's flat!

all catwalk images © by Yannis Vlamos/
detail images © by Gianni Pucci/

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