Monday, 19 March 2012

neon old school

“Yellow is the new pink” declared preeminent trend forecaster
Li Edelkoort a couple of years ago in a public talk highlighting
the color's upward trend. Known for its optimism, yellow 
(as gold) lightens and welcomes providing a good, 
energizing humor that has been proved to be contagious.
Alba Prat is the Berlin-based Spanish designer who caught
my eyes last year with her 'Digitalized' collection among
a broader geometry-inspired trend, who came to reveal the
latest additions to her accessory line aptly called ”Neon Old
School” to outline its influences from 'the good old days'.

Showcasing a glaring line of knapsacks, large and squared
book bags as well as shoes, toques and scarves (the scarf's
actually the only item reminding the previous collection 
for its geometrical texture) revisiting the mood of a 
bygone era when children went to school with leather 
backpacks and unique knitted accessories handmade 
at home by the family grown-ups, namely by 
their grandmothers, through neon yellow.
Alba skillfully mingles the nostalgic retro look with new
materials reviving the bright spirit of our salad days.

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