Friday, 16 March 2012

mythical creature style

'Chimaera' is the dicey name of a riveting collection
signed by up-and-coming designer and visual artist
Leyre Valiente who chose the fire-breathing female
monster of Greek mythology with a lion's head upon a
snake-tailed goat's body to give the gist of ”our nature, 
hidden, terrible, magical” as she wrote introducing it.

As you know the mythological beast came to symbolize
an illusory hope or a wish impossible to achieve yet
Leyre's work is all but chimeric: an audiovisual
communication graduate from Universidad Rey 
Juan Carlos, she's in her last year of fashion design 
at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Madrid, 
had a significant experience as costume designer 
and interning for brief periods at Yono Taola, 
Alexander McQueen and Loewe and plans 
to set up her own label.

images 1 > 3 © by Michael Ostermann
The Chimaera collection shows simmetrically stitched
armor-like garments made of pleated black leather
shaped as a carapace to hint at the mutant creature
beneath the human being while knit fabrics and
skin-toned silk imitate dragon wings, constructed as
shields with cords sewn beneath the fabric and stitchings
made as scars suggesting the series of emotional
experiences, lasting traumas, fears and 
desires marking the cruel creature.

”...the monster is different and superior. That is why
it produces fear and the need of having it under control.
Made equally of dream and nightmare. It seduces and
attracts because it is strange and mysterious, ethereally
intangible. It is splendid, hypnotic, although being fearful.
It is part of this world as good and evil, but it is quite
above it and can fly overhead with its dragon wings.
(...) Its soul is dark because it has seen the light.”

The cunning images digitally mixed with graphics
made by Vienna-based photographer and visual
artist Michael Ostermann as well the ones taken by
Davinci White fasten a baleful sense to the outfits
strongly enhancing their dramatic look.
According to legend sighting the Chimaera was an
omen of storms and shipwrecks yet this collection
looks more like the harbinger of a bold prodigy.

images 4 > 7 © by Davinci White, editing & direction by Leyre Valiente


  1. look like creepy beatles but its kinda cool