Monday, 26 March 2012

Mr. Finch's stuffed narrative

”My name is Finch, it's actually my surname... everyone
calls me it and I like it. I live in Leeds, not too far from
the beautiful Yorkshire Dales (the National Park created
back in 1954) I actually have no formal training in
anything I make and apart from a short art course I did
many years ago I've learnt all I know myself....”

The artist so unassumingly introducing himself is 
Mister Finch, the gifted textile artist who creates 
by hand unique storytelling stuffed sculptures of 
humanized animals using scraps of thread, fabric 
and paper as well fine embroideries.
”I've called my business Mr. Finch so it's clear from the
start that I'm a man and one that sews. We are a bit 
thin on the ground but we are out there!” 
he declares at once with a certain pride.

Finch works alone making with his hands fairytale
creatures taking inspiration from nature as well as
from British folklore, ”, insects and birds
really fascinate me with their amazing life cycles and
extraordinary nests and behaviour...” he explains
through his website and blog pages where we 
can keep track of his poetic world.

Finch loves to collect miniature metal chairs and to
hoard things in glass jars ”'s a joy to hunt for things
for my work... the lost, found and forgotten all have
places in what I make. Most of my pieces use recycled
materials, not only as an ethical statement, but I

 believe they add more authenticity and charm”
he says and he's absolutely right because the
worn-out look of the components he sews together
give peculiar characteristics to his stuffed artworks.

”Velvet curtains from an old hotel, a threadbare
wedding dress and a vintage apron become birds
and beasts, looking for new owners and adventures
to have. Storytelling creatures for people who are
also a little lost, found and forgotten...”

I'm amazed at how charming and inspirational
they all look. Bravo Mr. Finch!

> all images from the artist's website <

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  1. Mr Finch, you are AMAZING!!! Next time I go to the UK I want to visit you.