Sunday, 25 March 2012

messenger of stillness

”Fabric and silhouette is the foundation of my design
and I focus to create pieces that are simple, but yet
of expression and personality” stated Atifa Rasooli,
the gifted Danish designer who came to launch her
womenswear debut collection showing a steady
balance between tradition and innovation.

Inspired by the quite winter days in Copenhagen with
their pleasant stillness and humbleness as well by
Japanese silhouettes, the designer's debut AW 12-13
collection called ”I am the messenger of stillness” 
shows extremely cool outfits whose nomadic starting 
point makes a match with hints of poetry through 
almost monochromatic and minimalist pieces 
evoking a hushed and somber mood.

”Everything imaginable and unimaginable is created
from stillness. Stillness is where all creations begin.
I'm the messenger of stillness which is about bringing
back the strength of humble appearance with hidden
nobility” Atifa declares on her website and the  
impressive b/w images by photographer Erika
Svensson styled by Annestine Bae skillfully
enhance the collection's pervading tone.

> all images © by Erika Svensson, styling by Annestine Bae <
I can't wait to see what she'll do next since Atifa's
essential style and her dark aesthetic conceal a
strong-minded nature that will certainly put on 
display new dramatic ideas because, you know, 
still waters run deep.

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