Wednesday, 14 March 2012

knitwear's endless versatility

I happily met another talented designer who can wholly be
regarded as an evangelist of sculptural knitwear, a young
creative craftswoman adroit at wrapping, twisting and
fringing as well as experimenting with a wide range
of materials who eventually focused her skills on 
the handmade techniques of macramé. 

London-based knitter-designer Eleanor Amoroso
creates unique garments with a peculiar dark aesthetic,
a graduate from University of Westminster, she actually
made waves with her handcrafted graduate collection
launching her label last year after an apprentice period
at renowned Charlie le Mindu and Gemma Slack's
studios (where I bet she gained both technical
knowledge and inspiration).

Her latest AW 2012-13 collection shows dramatic
handknitted sculptural pieces and accessories made
through fine macramé techniques aptly juxtaposed
with flowing fringes in the experimental manner of
designers I much cherish such as Iris van Herpen
and Sandra Backlund (check their own tags to 
see their works if you haven't yet).

Handcrafting's alive and kicking thanks to designers
like Eleanor who cunningly turn fine wavy materials
into bold silhouettes pushing the boundaries of technical
expertise and always reinventing and celebrating 
the endless versatility of knitted garments.

> all images from the knitter-designer's website <

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