Monday, 5 March 2012

blindfolded fashion

Rick Owens'
... Masquerade!
Grinning yellows,
spinning reds.
Take your fill
let the spectacle
astound you!
Burning glances,
turning heads.

”Masquerade” from ”The Phantom of the Opera

Fashion designers always want to make a statement through 
catwalk shows to supply with a dainty or eerie character
their own creations. That's why we can spot masked 
fashion features in so many occasions with shrouded 
models walking down the runways to conjure up 
emotion from the audience.
Masks are an ageless symbol of disguise worn to amuse
or terrify other people and they seem to have become the
favorite accessory of stylist and designers often turning
a catwalk show into a masked ball.

Gareth Pugh's
Sometimes they are intended as a commentary on fashion's
uniformity but usually the designers simply want the onlookers
to focus on the clothes rather than the models radiant faces.
Anyhow I'm mesmerized by the strong appeal of some of
the masks I lately stumbled across: Rick Owens declared
that masks are for him ”a brutalist veil” showing dramatic,
theatrically gothic filleted ski masks while Vandevorst
came to cover up his models in wraparound mannish  
garments in an almost monochromatic collection inspired 
by German artist Joseph Beuys with felt fedoras
made by legendary milliner Stephen Jones.

Gareth Pugh's funnel neck jackets whose oversized collar
covers half the face of a fierce amazon who couldn't wait
to be rid of tawdry ornaments while the uncanny feathered
outfits by Peachoo-Krejberg, the Paris-based duo made
by designer of Indian origins Peachoo Datwani and Danish
born Roy Krejberg remind me of the creatures 
inhabiting the woods in 'The Village' movie.

Giles Deacon's
Giles Deacon's couture-like collection is romantic and
irksome at the same time and his strange creature seems
to be strongly inspired by Max Ernst's ”The Robing of the
Bride” painting while Comme des Garçons' take on 
masked fashion looks like a floral printed black burqa.

I'm not sure what value masks add to a fashion show
yet they provide a dim aura of mystery even after.

Comme des Garçons'

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