Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Alice, the underground Lolita

Alice Auaa is known as a high-end Japanese 
'Gothic Lolita' fashion label founded in 1995 by Kobe-born
designer Yasutaka Funakoshi who started with a 
combination of new wave and goth clothing presenting
his underground dark style ”through a decadent
and surreal filter based on the color black...”

Through the years the Osaka-based brand grew
considerably appearing both in the Osaka and
Fukuoka Asia collections showcasing a wide
array of body-conscious silhouettes with elaborate
decorations that deservedly led to its fashion week
debut yesterday evidencing the label's advancement
from its post-punk roots to a more convincing 
and structured type of fashion.

Alice Auaa's AW 2012-13 dreamy collection walked
the Tokyo runway on ”my own private garden” theme
showing a neo-Victorian look with models styled as
Tim Burton's characters with shoulder-length
backcombed hair and long plaits wearing capes
and redingotes, crinoline, white laces with belted
bustiers in a gripping duality of light and shadow
and a cute black glossy gown with a squared 
skirt worn over split sole ballet shoes.

> all images by MB Tokyo Fashion Week <
Alice proves to acquire by the growing such a powerful 
dash adding sophisticated pizzazz to its signature style.

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