Thursday, 2 February 2012

'Rise & Strengthen'

photo © by Nadine Ijewere
The new year is always expected to bring fresh opportunities
for new beginnings and the intriguing event established 
by Swedish colossus retail-clothing company H&M 
to encourage young and talented design students after 
their graduation came to reality today with the winners 
announcement marking the dawn of a new lucky chance 
for those who have the knack of fashion.

photo © by James Finnigan
The very first H&M Design Award 2012 global winner has
been declared the Copenhagen-born, London-based and
educated designer Stine Riis ”...whose amazing sense of
color and construction has impressed us since the first

 time we saw her...” stated the H&MDA's international
grand jury. The proud winner came to show her gripping
collection yesterday at Mercedes-Benz Stockholm fashion
week and from tomorrow night's show in her hometown
Rosenørns Allé I'd be prepared to bet that her dream
label R II S will soon be skyrocketed.

three images from the AW 2011 Press Show
R II S was founded right after graduating from London
College of Fashion ”with the ambition to create tailored,
futuristic elegance”
she declares talking about her
upbeat design approach and the modern fall-winter
collection she called ”Decadence & Decay” showing
fresh ideas in tailoring and pattern design, layerings
and details and last but not least what exactly H&M
looks for: a truly commercial yet elegantly 
mundane character.

both photos © by Amanda Bashida
Stine proves her ability in creating uniquely structured
garments displaying the full-grown sense of style conventionally 
associated with expert designers yet her looks are extremely
wearable and covetable and besides conceived as a
continuum through which she emphasizes the
complicated work behind the simplest of things.
A work ”I press the like button on” that actually deserves
to be named ”Rise & Strengthen” instead of ”Decadence
& Decay”. Stine has already made waves as a student,
can't wait to see what she'll do as an independent designer!

Copenhagen show card via

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