Tuesday, 21 February 2012

needle, thread & ink artistry

'Happy Red Fish' is the witted name of an Amsterdam-based 
imaginative studio that mirthfully exlores the endless 
realms of creativity working with different type of materials 
making use of needle, thread, paint and ink as well 
as a zany sense of humor.

Operated by independent artist and designer Hagar van 
Heummen, a married mother of two children dearly loving
photography, children books and old toys who came to
experiment a new approach to art by working with
bodkins and threads to produce riveting handmade
collage-embroideries with a distinctive twist.

Often using printed canvas as a background, Hagar
never loses her thread creating needleworks with 
a reassuring feeling and a bit outmoded look 
subtly mixed with upbeat details such as the 
red triangular hats worn by young and older 
girls in her ”thread & ink” series.
She's a blogger too, sharing her daily life inspirations
and the peculiar works of art she creates ”with 
love, affection and full devotion”.  Attagirl!

> all artworks & pictures © by Happy-red-fish 2011 <

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