Wednesday, 8 February 2012

modern Eleusinian mysteries

Greek mythology came to inspire talented young Spanish
designer Sara García Álvarez and her fledging label 'Impúribus'
for the second collection called ”Eleusinian Mysteries” referring
to the annual initiation rites performed by ancient Greeks in 
the village of Eleusis in honor to Demeter and Persephone.

As you may know from earlier studies, Demeter was the goddess
of cereal grains whose daughter Persephone was abducted by
Hades and made queen of the underworld. The myth is composed of 
a three-phases cycle: the ”descent”, the ”search” and the ”ascent”.
Demeter vainly seeking for her refused to let the earth produce
its fruits until her daughter was restored to her but having
Persephone eaten some pomegranate seeds in the underworld
she was obliged to spend part of every year down there.

Sara envisioned her s/s 2012 collection from the hierophant's
point of view with the initiated aspiring to a reward in 
the afterlife passing through three different steps (etapas):
separation (made of cotton and silk), transition (white shades,
gray fog, copper and gold tones, Egeo azure) and incorporation
(conscience, transcendence, soberness) through her
cutting-edge style made of tailored minimal shapes 
and her signature geometries and cuts.

The newfangled ”Misterios Eleusinos” collection is showy
and austere, plain yet superb with gripping blouses and
two-tones asymmetric skirts in the designer's unique
touch subtly evoking Scandinavian aesthetics, so as the
myth of Persephone and the mysteries of Eleusis symbolize
the return of spring and the life and growth of grain, Impúribus'
latest etapa epitomizes Sara's bolstering confidence.

all lookbook images © courtesy of Impúribus

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