Tuesday, 28 February 2012

labyrinthic web

The best way to build up a fashion design career, no doubt,
is to get a fine arts degree in fashion by means of a highly
regarded school which, apart from teaching the craft, could
provide a network of possibilities to top-drawer alumni.
It's true that we all live in a brandname society yet to create
a personal label is even harder and it takes full commitment
and hopefully a financial backup but none of the above won't
work without talent and an inspirational environment.

That's exactly where Beatrice Korlekie Newman or simply
'Korlekie' comes from: the young gifted Afro-British designer
newly graduated from London College of Fashion has
already made waves with her refined idea of elegance
strongly shaped by traditional crafts (mostly 
knitwear and hand-weaving techniques).
Her fall-winter 2012-13 collection called ”Labyrinthic Web”
came to be showcased in the unconventional setting of the
exquisite Raphael Gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum
together with LCF's MA fashion design technology graduates.

Amazing intricate handworks inspired by her Afro-European 
background and the beautiful beading and embroidery of
African clothes in a great parade of leather cord dresses,
knitted leotards and jumpsuits with lace and lurex fishnet
fringed suits displaying quite an alluring elegance.
No wonder her clothes are already been sold on acclaimed
online stores such as Pickurberry and the ever-present
NJAL: her skills make Beatrice a unique 'graduateacher'.

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  1. ”Graduateacher” sounds so cute!