Monday, 6 February 2012

Her Majesty's style jubilee

Princess Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, 1946
To mark 60 years of Queen Elizabeth's reign the Diamond
Jubilee is celebrated today in UK and Commonwealth realms
so I bob a curtsy to Her Majesty paying my compliments 
to the unique style she established through the ages.
The Queen came to throne on 6 February 1952 following
the death of her father, King George VI, while her coronation
took place in June 1953 and that's why the official celebrations
will center around the extended first weekend of June next.

Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) dancing in Ottawa, 1951
Enjoying the racing at Goodwood in a floral dress, 1955
Waving the crowd in India in a checked dress, 1961
Her Majesty is undoubtedly one of the greatest style icon of 
the last 60 years and certainly one of the most photographed 
people of all times: she made waves throughout the decades 
with her brightly colored suits, her doubled-breasted coats, 
her favorite brooches and party jewelry, her iconic hats often
worn with matching gloves or even the headscarves knotted
under the chin in what has been hailed as ”the Balmoral
look” (I adore her relaxed countryside mises) looking
always at ease thanks to her friendly feeling with clothes
of any kind, from full regalia uniforms to down-to-earth
tweeds worn over wellingtons.

Flowered hat and coat on a royal visit to Malta, 1967
Graphic look for the Queen and young Princess Anna in Paris, 1972
Her energy is simply astounding, much has happened over
the course of her life and HM has seen so many changes,
traveled the world so many times and sported many stylish
outfits showing ever since her early days in Sandringham
her own style as well as the ability to change the rules of
protocol dressing through her 'royal chic' individual attitude.

In earthy tones at Royal Windsor Horse Show, 1982
Wearing a Maori fur cloak in Waitangi, New Zealand, 1990
Silver hat and fur coat on a royal tour in Slovakia, 2008
Greeting the Queen, her extraordinary life and her
royal iconic look I compiled images thanks to Vogue
UK, Vogue Australia, Stylist, Corriere della Sera,
LaPresse and Olycom where each single image is
unerringly captioned and credited.
Long live the Queen's style.

Walking on Maldon High st. in Essex in winter 2010

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