Friday, 24 February 2012

from fringe to stardom

'Fyodor Golan' is the name of the London-based womenswear
label established by Latvian designer Fyodor Podgornijs and
Israeli with German and Moroccan roots designer Golan
Frydman who briskly shifted from the fringes to the top
of fashion eventually debuting with their on-schedule 
show at London fashion week a few days back.

I came across the talented duo when they scooped up last
season's Fashion Fringe Award: the prize actually came to
provide the ongoing support for the young designers to
put their brand on the international stage highlighting
their avant-garde attitude and their high-level work.
It's small wonder that their collection has since been picked
up globally fostering the 'Fyodor Golan' brand evolution.

True to form to their gothic and romantic aesthetic the duo's
fall/winter 2012-13 collection, inspired by Russian paesants
and aristocracy before the 1917 Revolution, Art Deco and
insects, showed a wide variety of fabrics and materials.
Models walked the runway wearing silver nose rings and
oversized necklaces in a skilled combination of sophistication
and tribalism while the superbly tailored garments showed
contrasting textures, handcrafted decorations 
and countless gripping details.

Fyodor and Golan demonstrate to deserve their own place
in contemporary British fashion with an edgy collection that's
obviously not to everyone's taste yet impeccably conceived
with silhouettes evoking fragility and strength at the same
time like the diaphanous constructed dress inspired by
insect wings. Quilted leather, fur and the bone-chilling beauty 
of Mongolian velvet intensify the collection's panache.
We will certainly hear from these talents again!

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