Sunday, 5 February 2012

embroidering delicate stories

Handcrafting little masterpieces inspired by nature, 
subjects from her private memories and daily life, 
Japanese artist designer Arimoto Yumiko expresses 
herself through embroidery with a unique lyrical grace.

Graduated in fashion design at Kyoto Art & Craft University in 2008
establishing her own fashion brand 'Sina' the year later, she creates
a wide range of clothing and accessories in a variety of embroideries
so fine in texture and structure, deft pieces of craftsmanship.

”...I like the act of embroidery and the process itself, the gradient 
more than anything...” she said talking about her time-consuming
technique whose spirit is similar to painting (she started drawing
mangas and painting, though) but soon chose to use embroidery
as her favorite media; she also has collaborations with other 
brands and exhibits her works in galleries often doing live 
embroidery performances like in the forthcoming ”Sweet Girl” 
exhibition at Lamp Harajuku Gallery in Tokyo.

I deeply love her dreamlike creations, her delicate touch in
renewing the tradition of hanmade goods as well the soft color
palette she uses that fully deploys her own ethereal poetry.

photos © by Mari Sugahara and Ryo Ichii/zotphoto

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