Monday, 2 January 2012

puppetry poetry

I happily met Nathalie Fordeyn's sculptured knitted coats
last year when the Belgian-Thai gifted designer was
graduating from Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts
and it was love at first sight with her modern take on
surrealism emphasized by beehive-shaped hats (here).

As a designer Nathalie has always been interested in
the surreal world wanting to give a brand new identity to 
whoever is wearing her garments and her latest collection
called ”Puppets”, where she combined art with drama
ideally bringing real-life people into something lifeless 
as a puppet to bring them back to life again, 
stays true to her views.

Partially inspired by traditional Japanese masked drama Noh,
the collection bears a fanciful character with high-shouldered
wool jackets with decorative seams giving the illusion 
of being hung from the strings controlling a puppet 
from above paired with pink detailed collars.

The illusion of lines and strings comes also in soft pink 
pleated dresses in which the different density of fabrics
(Thai silk organza and two yarned silk) creates a sense of
depth fully demonstrating her fascination with craftsmanship.

Nathalie recently joined MUUSE, the Copenhagen-based
online boutique selling made-to-order quality garments
conceived by graduate designers from top fashion 
design schools and sewn by top tailors and pattern 
makers, in what is, as they proudly say, 
”inspired style, without compromise”.

Nathalie's idea of fashion is quite in the pink and I bet
she'll soon establish her own label; her open-mindedness
and learning experience allow her debut in the fashion
industry which is always in need of brainiacs.

> all images © MUUSE Aps, 2011 <

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