Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ophelia in the rough

'Ophelia' is the name of Gregory Nicholas' graduate
collection, a convincing capsule showing a romantic
yet rotten and decayed aesthetic inspired by the
ethereal beauty of Shakespeare's heroine.

Gregory is a young independent fashion and print
designer graduated from the unending breeding grounds
of Central Saint Martin's with a BA in fashion print
and a penchant for raw materials and rough textures
whose contemporary, feminine shapes mix together
printed silk and leather in a clever urban-dark 
interpretation of Ophelia (definitely not the Millais' one).

But what I like the most are Gregory's prints and his
idea of surface painting, he works with dyes and skillfully
creates patterns by hand before digitally rework and
arrange them for the fabric: I love their 3-D appearance
as well the plain contrast between silk's 
brightness and leather's blur.

”I wanted something extremely tough and raw to co-exist
with the romantic element of the collection so using
leather which I distressed in a number of ways 

allowed me to achieve the idea” he declared.
Gregory reshapes the familiar image of drowned
Ophelia carrying flowers into a cool goth she-warrior.

all images © by David Abrahams, styled by Gemma Hyslop & Heather Lyttle

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