Friday, 6 January 2012

mouthwatering millinery

Deirdre Hawken is a peculiar London milliner with a fondness
for theatre and drama as well an acclaimed mixed media artist
designing and making couture headpieces and spectacular
hat-shaped artworks using traditional techniques.

Trained at the Central School for Speech and Drama as well
at Central St. Martins, she designs and makes couture hats
for fashion collections creating at the same time sculptural
food-inspired ”Art Hats” with a distinctive surrealistic streak
that have been widely exhibited within the UK and abroad.

Beautifully crafted artworks, small hats reproducing edibles
such as white chocolate, chili peppers, assorted red fruits
and seafood while the last one, the biting shark headpiece
is a clever divertissement suggesting that eventually 
the straw hat is fit to be eaten.

At the end of this month Deirdre will put on display her tasty
hats at the Whitchurch Silk Mill, Hampshire in a solo exhibition
while a brand new collection has been designed for a craft
exhibition at Fortnum & Mason's supported by QEST, Queen
Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, to celebrate the Diamond
Jubilee of HM. Hats off to her... culinary delights!

> all images from the artist's website <


  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Deirdre is quite an artist as her white chocolate mini hat resembles an edible version in white chocolate with my favorite fruits! Incredible tiny beadwork and more of her skill is shown on her site.
    Thanks for sharing this to the world.
    Love to you,


  2. Mi piace mooolto quello con lo squaletto :)))