Thursday, 26 January 2012

knights in leather armors

Like medieval gentlemen-soldiers riding gallantly through
the darkest night along perilous pathways to keep their
princess safe, face-covered models of both sexes wear 
Peter Morvin's powerful graduate menswear 
collection ”FranzMadonna”.

Based in lively Slovenia's capital city, Ljubliana, where he
studied at the local University graduating last year, the gifted
young designer shows a gripping Gothic aesthetic with
uncommon laser cut leather coats paired with silk underskirts
whose eerie look is mitigated by tiny ruffles and lace 
decors giving a romantic undertone.

Architectural inspired, carefully constructed shapes that jog
my memory back to the ones by Polish designer Anna Dudzinska,
elegantly accessorized with knitted Balaclavas in a really
interesting take on medieval attire: no wonder ”FranzMadonna”
won Peter the Mercator prize for innovative approach.

The young Balkan talent works with fellow designer Almira Sadar
on a consultancy basis as well as stylist (he came to style 
the video ”Krinolinije”) and his works are featured in Squat 
gallery shop in Ljubliana, the independent lab whose main 
area of work is fashion design providing creative solutions 
to artists, designers and independent brands.
”FranzMadonna” is available on NJAL, Not Just A Label
the creative hub which is always an early bird when it 
comes to discover new talents and thriving trends.

> all images © Peter Morvin, via NJAL <

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