Tuesday, 31 January 2012

flawless YOUniverse

A few years ago I very much enjoyed reading ”How to Create
a Flawless Universe™ in just eight days”, a hilarious manual
by now defunct Godfather publications teaching readers 
how to create the universe of their own personal whim 
following exhilarating step-by-step instructions and handy 
hints thus I recalled it in a flash when I cast my eyes 
over YOUFootwear's new collection.

Your Own Universe™ men's footwear brand debuted last
year in Florence's Pitti Uomo summer edition as an invitation
to restore a simple and natural style with a contemporary
language. Following up on the fledgling label, the new
AW 2012-13 collection features different materials placed
side by side in riveting combinations reminiscent of ethnicity.

High quality leather strictly made in Italy and tanned using
natural occurring tannins from tree galls and barks is
amazingly combined with recycled fabrics ranging from
coarse weaves and old felt in various colors to the rough
canvas used in rucksacks, former curtains and military
bedspreads as well as sheepskins and woolen Kilim carpets.

The Milan-based label holds such a distinctive dash made
of counterpointed materials for the man looking at the world
around him as an ever-changing reality in which ”the idea
of cross-fertilization is a plus to be looked at with interest
and where style is first of all an attitude towards life”.

> all images courtesy of YOU™ <

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  1. grazie mikapoka, , so beautiful text, sensitive and curious inteligente,,,,,,,, thanks again