Wednesday, 11 January 2012

dark dream couture

Swiss surrealist painter, sculptor and designer H.R. Giger
is the preeminent author of otherworldly territories populated
by frightening biomechanical creatures who came to inspire
Polish fashion designer Malgorzata Dudek in transferring
his cultural influence onto fabric.

With H.R. Giger's prior approval Malgorzata came to design
a meaty collection with adapted Giger prints: you may know
that I have a penchant for dark, cyborg and steampunk stories
yet Giger's illustrations although sublimely executed always
made me feeling uneasy but the idea of making a 
collection out of his works is quite brainy.

“My desire with this collection is to honor to H.R. Giger,
pay him tribute, and show how his influence resonates in
the world of fashion.  When I started sketching this collection
and planning the fabrics, I couldn’t see it complete without
elements of H.R. Giger’s artwork. And what better way for me,
as a designer, to honor a man who’s Biomechanical vision
has massively influenced architecture, film, music, tattoo art, 

 fashion and industrial design...” she wrote on her website.

Malgorzata's ”Giger's Goddess” s/s 2012 collection is a clever
homage to the artist including a series of one-off couture 
pieces with skin-tight outfits as well several laser-cut 
leather elements inspired by Giger's airbrushing style.
The Warsaw-based designer accessorized the collection with
metal sunglasses by designer Slav Nowosad (also inspired by
Giger's ”BIRTH MACHINE”) but I'm very keen on the lookbook
images realized by Berlin photographer Christoph Musiol
with stylist Jadwiga Pokryszka
 An unparalleled dark dream couture.

> all images © Malgorzata Dudek, photos by Christoph Musiol <

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