Friday, 13 January 2012

cabin crew look

Looking like members of an airline crew ensuring comfort of
passengers during a flight, models walked the runways of
Fashion Rio pushing service carts to introduce New Order's
winter 2012-13 RTW collection which is strongly inspired by
the future of civil aviation and flight attendants uniforms.

Actually New Order is the first and only brand of accessories
(a Osklen group company) showing in the course of the
Brazilian fashion week compelling clothes that 
are solely made for the catwalk show.
This year's display coordinated by Marianna Amizaut together
with style consultant Juliana Suassana and stage designer
Zee Nunes came to exhibit a cheery and futuristic look 
with many references to sci-fi movies of the 60's.

New Order means experimentation and each collection
shows something new with shapes, materials and patterns
always with a sunny personality, this time with a strong
graphic appeal made of painted textures, geometric prints
on varnished plastic or metallic fabrics, neoprene and acrylic
in translucent or nude or in bold colors such as bright 
orange, blue, gold and off white.

It goes without saying that the stewardess look is amazingly
accessorized with busby-like hats and a gargantuan parade
of bags I suddenly started to drool over with a wide variety
of shoes from sandals, sneakers, loafers and ankle boots
to silver platforms while jewelry include gilded wing pins.
An interesting one-off collection and not a flight of fancy.

all catwalk images © Zé Takahashi/Agência Fotosite
all detail images © Marcelo Soubhia/Agência Fotosite

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