Monday, 30 January 2012

Bravoure's glass nouveau

”Life is our stage” is the statement of serious resoluteness
of Dutch womenswear label 'Bravoure', a newbie
that came to show a distinctive theatrical approach 
to fashion ever since its first appearance last year 

The steadfast duo-run label bears a confident signature
style ”inspired on aesthetics found in life, theatre and music”
as Bravoure's founders and chief designers Patricia Hofstede
and Kim Jansen pointed out ”to embrace the little moments
you just feel special and elighten a bright spotlight 
when you're ready for.”

The Dutch upcoming talents showcased their ”Glass Nouveau”
AW 2012 collection during the last edition of the Amsterdam's
event ended yesterday: a worldly collection with art-deco inspired
colors and geometric patterns in boldly delineated shapes 
that suddenly caught my eye for its artistic reminiscences.

Working with rich materials and fabrics understanding 
the freedom of the body, Bravoure dares to create  
”something special for the moments you will 
celebrate life as never before.”
Undaunted, the duo keeps on creating 
center stage moments.

> designers' b/w portrait and all images from the label's website <

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