Sunday, 15 January 2012

Biro-drawn elders and betters

There's an artist who consistently pushes the envelope
of portrait illustration using the back of sent envelopes
as a canvas to create highly detailed drawings achieving
very tight renderings utilizing only a standard ballpoint pen.

Everything began when Leeds-born, London-based artist
Mark Powell found an envelope in an antique shop that
was sent from the front-line troops in WW1; he soon 
started to draw on its back to preserve and tell its story.
The paper of mailed envelopes is particularly suited to the
ballpoint pen technique being thick and rubbed enough to
avoid ripples allowing precise and controllable strokes.

His unique photorealist portraits made on vintage envelopes
(the oldest ones dating back to 1852) are mostly focused
on elderly and silver-haired people skillfully rendering hair
and beards as well lines and wrinkles of their skin.
Mark conserves the original stamps and postage marks
of the envelopes he collects as an essential feature of 
each artwork beguilingly adding character and a 
whole world of unknown backstories.

As well as exhibiting his noteworthy portraiture and selling
a number of art prints, he has already begun collecting
antique b&w maps to reuse for future drawings in 
a cogent evolution of his distinctive work.
Can't wait to see 'em!

> all images from the artist's website <

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