Saturday, 30 April 2011

behind pomp and pageantry

A State Trumpeter of the Household Cavalry, photo by Alastair Grant/AP
As you may know (unless you live outside the solar
system) Prince William and his longtime girlfriend
Catherine Kate Middleton were married yesterday
with a fairytale ceremony at Westminster Abbey
marked by pomp and pageantry.

Master tailor measures a guardsman, photo by Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty images
Master tailor Lance Sergeant Matthew Else inspecting uniforms,
photo by Peter Macdiamid/Getty images
I must admit I was not enthralled by the marriage
instead I really dig what's behind the ritual perusing
the tailoring unusual aspects of the complex machinery
that made the British royal event and thanks to
one of my fave iconographic sources, the amazing
Big Picture” section of Boston Globe, I collected
some captivating images I'm glad to share with you.

A posh royal fan, photo by Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty images
Sarah Burton's ivory gown, photo by Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty images
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave Buckingham Palace,
photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty images
Larry, the royal cat wearing a necktie, unmentioned photographer
Have a regal weekend!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Audrey's doppelgänger

Italian 'Bolero' magazine cover, October 1961
Audrey Hepburn was one of a kind and since her
debut in the 50's she defined a new 'less-is-more'
look thanks to her elfin face with thick eyebrows
and mesmerising eyes, a demure young woman
so elegant and differing from the contemporary
curvy sirens of the cinema screen.

© Robert Erdmann's for Tatler magazine, June 2011
Audrey had a unique sense of style, simple and
chic, a timeless European allure highlighted by
her lifelong partnership with Givenchy which is
probably the most imitated looks of all time being
it much more attainable than other Hollywood type
and it's small wonder that she's still influencing
fashion trends fifty years later.

'Movies' cover, December 1954
This morning, while browsing through the UK
online newspapers looking for pictures of the
overwhelming Royal Wedding, I've stumbled
across a stunning photoshoot made by
photographer Robert Erdmann for next
June's edition of Tatler magazine with young
British-American rising actress Lily Jane
Collins that at a first glance made me think
I was looking at vintage photos of the
unforgettable Audrey.

'Tatler' mag June's cover, photo by Robert Erdmann
Lily is the daughter of renowned British musician
Phil Collins who started acting at the age of two
in the BBC series 'Growing Pain' before moving
to California where she works as red carpet
correspondent, model, TV and movie actress.
She was named as one of the 'Breakout Stars
to Watch for in 2011' and she has been cast
in the upcoming screen adaptation of the
'Snow White' fairytale.

'Roman Holiday' 1953 movie still
© Robert Erdmann's/Tatler magazine

image from the extensive collection of
© Robert Erdmann's/Tatler magazine

The amazing photo session recreates some of
Hepburn's famed poses from her beloved movies
showing Lily's perfectly reconstructed resemblance
to the unforgettable actress.
What a glamorous, beautiful idea!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

the pinoy couturier

Michael Cinco's couture s/s 2011, photos  by
”My motto is to dream the impalpable dream” says 
the Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco  
”every single day, little by little, I try to achieve 
the goals in my life. I don't know if I will achieve 
them, but I know it's not impossible”.

ANTM's landfill shoot, photos by Nigel Barker
The pinoy designer who was first drawn to fashion by
watching as a young boy classic Hollywood movies
has developed through the years a sleek, modern
glamourous style that's briskly opening its way
through the international market.

He's justifiably proud of his latest achievement,
a design project for the top-rated TV show
”America's Next Top Model” created and hosted
by former model turned media personality Tyra
Banks. Cinco was drafted in to design six highly
imaginative pieces for an eco-friendly shoot by
photographer Nigel Barker which was set in a landfill.

He came to realize a capsule collection of free-flowing
gowns deftly using garbage elements such as recycled
parachute fabrics, door hinges, safety pins, broken mirrors
or rubber bands made to look like fake fur as well 
utilizing used flatware as twisted accessories.
A stark juxtaposition of voluminous glamour versus garbage
which is so far from the romantic mood of his signature
gowns that have been noticed worldwide making 
Cinco's name recognizable and unmistakable.

Back in Dubai Michael's working on a new haute couture
show scheduled for October as well putting the finishing
touches on his wedding gowns and unique evening
dresses new collections.

His works are reliable and true to form and they 
speak for themselves, impalpably.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

textile addicted artist


Stefano Bressani is the Italian dress-material artist from
the northern town of Pavia whose distinctive style is
simultaneously a joke and a challenge always
experimenting with ideas and techniques allowing
a comparison with contemporary art.

”Save the planet”

Last week I visited his latest exhibition called
”Dressed sculptures” at Fondazione Piaggio's
museum, the enterprise museum established
in 2000 to preserve the historic memory of the
eminent mechanical company producer of the
famed Vespa scooter and many other 
different mopeds and vehicles.

“Black poppies”

Bressani has developed in recent years a personal
'pop art' approach to portrait with tactile and 3-D
played texture orientation coupling different
fabrics and materials.
He feels a deeper and deeper need to escape
towards the exaggeration of shape and color
and he's strongly attracted by fabrics.

”Statue of Liberty - Enjoy my freedom cocktail”

What I liked the most are the color combinations
of his textile paintings and the way he highlights
details and textures.
Such a talented pop quilter.

The artist's self-portrait

Monday, 25 April 2011

silver-haired buoyancy

“Advanced Style” short movie protagonists
Ari Seth Cohen is the Seattle-born, New York based
photographer who roams the streets of the city that
never sleeps looking for stylish older people for his
reputed weblog called ”Advanced Style.

He came to make an exclusive short movie together
with filmmaker Lina Plioplyte featuring the most
fashionable older ladies in town which is quite
moving and instructive.  Watching these ladies
brimming with confidence and their unique attitude 
of mind is really an advanced lesson in style.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

backyard shooting day

'Just living is not enough,' said the butterfly.
'One must have sunshine, freedom,
and a little flower.'

Hans Christian Andersen

One of the most pleasant task of spring is doing
garden chores, from feeding and weeding to
pruning and planting but luckily for me it has
been as well the time for making a rousing photo
shoot with amateurish 'wildlife models' passing by.

As John Erskine wrote ”I have never had so
many good ideas day after day as when
I worked in the garden.”
Have a blissful Easter Monday!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

happy Easter weekend!

Wishing to all of you to fly the coop of routine
during this long Easter weekend with the nogg,
the appropriate egg-shaped, voguish chicken coop.
Go chasing after Easter eggs!

Friday, 22 April 2011

art as a window

Girl wearing green tights, 2007
I found out that I have several things in common with
illustrator-artist Anna Higgie: we both adore Nick
Drake's music, Kurt Vonnegut's books, Japanese
food and Alexander McQueen's work as well as
we could hardly live without a pencil in hand.

from 'Future fashion' series, 2007
Anna Higgie is an Australian born artist currently
living and working in Barcelona, Spain, where
she makes eye-catching drawings in different
styles and techniques, from delicate 
pencil and ink sketches to dramatic 
deconstructed optical collages.

Diamanda Galas' portrait for Plan B magazine, 2008
Deedee, 2007
Her works are always brilliantly conceived
and executed, very fine in texture and balance,
where pencil-drawn backgrounds are
juxtaposed with black geometric shapes like
in her renowned deconstructed portraits.

St. Etienne for Plan B magazine, 2008
Portrait of Stam, 2010
Anna is at ease with a wide range of styles
mixing her signature ink & pencil hatching
technique with soft colors occasionally digitally
added, nonetheless her own drawing style's
always quick to adapt to commercial or
editorial drives and needs.

from the Catwalk series, 2006
She worked for several newspapers and
clothing brands such as Bloomingdales,
Nordstrom or New York's shoe company
Sigerson Morrison and her mind-blowing
illustrations appeared on fashion and 
art magazines worldwide.

for Sigerson Morrison's sister company Belle NYC, A/W 2010
Girl with white hair, 2006
“For me art is a window” she recently declared
to the Milan based bimonthly fashion and
lifestyle magazine 'Out of the Box' talking
about  the way she works, so it's small wonder
she also adores photography, BTW, take a look
at her own weblog to enjoy the magic of
Seville through her perceptive lenses.
Quite a unique knack for gripping images.

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