Tuesday, 13 December 2011

the waterproof eye

I've always been frightened by water and fascinated 
with it at the same time probably because I use to 
live by a river, that's why I always stop by when I stumble 
across images of water or, better, taken underwater 
like the awe-inspiring by Mark Mawson.

Mark Mawson is a talented photographer who fell in love
with the medium as an 8 years old boy when he was given
his first camera in Newark, Nottinghamshire, a real passion
that later brought him to London where he worked his way
up as a photojounalist for first-rate English periodicals.

Mark moved to Sydney ten years ago and while keeping
on his commercial practice as a portrait and advertising
lensman, he managed to work on personal, free-floating
projects. At ease with a wide range of subjects he
started exploring the water element (such essential 
in coastal Australia) taking sophisticated images.

I'm not impressed by his fashion shots while I'm very keen
on his thematic works, the 'Underwater' series of fancy 
portraits most of all, but even the breathtaking ”Aqueous” 
series he's constantly working on since 2005 and 
which is what he's probably known for.

He developed a secret studio technique involving paint and
water to create amazing, smoke-like circumvolutions of 
colors which were inspired by watching the milk blending
into the cups of coffee he drinks each day by the dozen.
Obviously he's never completely sure about the result
of the color twists he makes with no control over the
final image: quite the opposite of commercial briefs. 

Mawson is currently based between London, France and
Sydney, is represented by several galleries and his works
are homed in many private collections around the world
but you can easily check his waterproof eye by diving
into the clear waters of his website

> all images © Mark Mawson photography <