Friday, 9 December 2011

there's a monkey in my wig!

Strange to tell, this post is about a contemporary artist 
yet it's closely linked to top-notch fashion design and 
dressmaking being Nikoline Liv Andersen a conceptual 
artist with a weighty work experience as a freelance illustrator, 
interning as a designer at John Galliano and Christian Dior 
in Paris before pitching in with Danish, Italy-adopted 
designer Elise Gug and later on working for 
Finnish company Saga furs.

A graduated fashion designer from Denmark's Designskole,
living and working in buzzy Copenhagen, she actually made
a name for herself through striking artworks, clothing
sculptures and installations eliciting life's caducity made
by putting together different materials such as plastic,
fur, candles, straws, painted store dummies, fruit and
flowers as well clothing and textile works.

photos 1-4 from ”The dance of the deaf and dumb eye” © by Nicky de Silva

...”I'm searching for beauty and the magic moment where 
clothes confirm the miracle of life and not make us down 
in the soup of boredom. It's my will in everything I do 
not to enter into any compromises with aesthetics and 
time but through my work to pay tribute to love and life 
and to call inflexible views and norms in question.” 
we can read in her website's artistic statement.

photos 5-6 from ”Glory” © by Signe Vilstrup

 Her latest exhibition called ”Slowly seeping through my hands”
shows new installations and a selection of past works like
”The dance of the deaf and dumb eye” an earlier project in
which the 'see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak -no-evil' Japanese
monkeys (or Mizaru, Mikazaru and Mazaru if you prefer)
are hidden in baroque woollen wigs symbolizing today's
blind consumers as well the abiding unfair distribution of
power, is currently on display at Horsens Kunstmuseum
in east Jutland. Quite a visual storyteller with 
a foot in both fashion and art camps.

photos 7-8 from ”Slowly seeping through my hands” © by Svend Pedersen


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