Tuesday, 20 December 2011

talking textiles ahead

'Little red riding hood' by Laurence Couraud, 2010
The announcement has been made a few days ago
by trend forecasting pioneer Li Edelkoort: a new edition
of ”Talking Textiles” will take place in Stockholm's
new venue of Designhall from February the 3rd till
April 15, 2012 showing once again creative and innovative
textile techniques ”highlighting the importance of
creativity and education at a time when the global
market has put many textile mills in danger 
of disappearing” she rightly stated.

'Fold-unfold' by Margrethe Odgaard, 2009
'Blood' by Studio Job, 2011
'Why not bergere' by Bokja, 2011
Li (Lidewij) Edelkoort is the Dutch-born trendsetter
graduated in fashion and design from Arnhem's
School of Fine Arts whose work has evolved throughout
the years into publishing (View on Colour, InView, Bloom),
teaching, humanitarianism and curatorship 
skillfully delving into art and design.
Named by Time magazine as one of the world's 25 
most influential people she supports craft and 
design curating exhibitions around the world.

'Ready-made' by Borre Akkersdijk, 2010
'Once we were warriors' by Anthony Kleinepier, 2011
'Tutu' by Lenneke Langenhuijsen, 2010
”Talking Textiles” will show a large selection of
designs inspired by the craving for tactility as a
reaction to the increasingly digital landscapes of
our lives, a wistful longing that led international
designers to reconsider once more the role of fabrics. 
Heralding the revival of textiles and the brainy 
way to reinterpret them anew, the showcase
looks quite amazing with exclusive artworks 
and fabrics of any kind.

'Kawakubo' by Rodrigo Almeida, 2009
'Hunt for high tech' by Bart Hess, 2011
”...The near future will see the overwhelming return
of textiles in our interiors, covering floors, walls and
furniture in an expansive and personal manner.
These textiles will speak out loud and clear and
become the fabrics of life, narrating stories,
designing patterns, promoting well-being and
reviving the act of weaving.” she proudly wrote
and knowing her unique talent in sensing upcoming
lifestyle trends I'm doubtless glad!

'Circus rug' (part.) by Fernando & Humberto Campana, 2010 
all images courtesy of Edelkoort Exhibitions

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